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Our Process

Each ribbon-shaped wreath is handcrafted from freshly grown and harvested balsam fir trees from Mingo’s Evergreen Products in Downeast Maine. The freshest, most fragrant balsam wreaths – delivered to your door.

Like all Mingo’s Evergreen Products, Wreaths For Hope™ are handcrafted from freshly grown and harvested balsam fir from tree farms in Downeast Maine.

Harvesting begins when the balsam trees become dormant after several weeks of freezing temperatures. As a result, the rich balsam fragrance and deep green color last throughout the holiday season.

We only harvest premium greens from the outside lower branches of balsam fir trees enhancing their growth for future harvesting — a sustainable practice that safeguards our forests.

Our Commitment:

  • Balsam fragrance lasts for the entire holiday season due to our harvesting process.

  • All items are handcrafted with only the finest quality manufacturing and raw materials.

  • Balsam fir is hand selected from Maine tree farms.

  • Highly skilled wreath makers and production personnel.

  • Products undergo rigorous quality control practices prior to being shipped.

  • 100% Customer Satisfaction Guaranteed.

  • Family owned and operated with 56 years of experience and leadership in the evergreen industry.

  • Commitment to building lasting relationships with our clientele.

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