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Partnered Organizations

Wreaths For Hope™ is an organization that raises money through the sales of balsam ribbon wreaths to support funding for cancer research and provide much needed help to our veterans in need. Our purpose, is to partner with large and small foundations, groups, and organizations to help raise money while bringing awareness to cancer and military support programs and services.

Our mission, is to uphold our community values with the integrity, compassion and personal ethos in which the organization was founded to help raise money for what the human spirit believes in.

Our vision for the future is to build this organization beyond a fundraising effort, making it into a well-known national movement for the fight against cancer and supporting veterans who served our great nation.

Other Organizations

  • Dun Roamin' Christmas Tree Farm

  • Little Bit of Hope 4 Fighters Traveling

  • Lung Cancer Alliance

  • Maine Coast Memorial Hospital Foundation Mary Dow Center

  • Rooms That Rock 4 Chemo

  • Tyler's Crusaders

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